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Five Women

The 8th of April is International Romani Day – a day to celebrate the Romani culture and to raise awareness of the issues facing Roma people. In this clip five women share stories about their past, their struggles, their successes and how they see their own identity.

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Mystery (Wo)man

This clip encourages your learners to read attentively and think creatively before they watch. It’s a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of your learners, and do the first pre-viewing task before you watch! :)

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What makes a good leader?

Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu is interviewed on what makes a good leader. He mentions aspects of leadership that are often forgotten when we think of leadership qualities and skills.

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Think for yourself

An American high school student gives her views on school and education. The activities to go with this clip focus on intensive listening. These days many learners have a great deal of exposure to English and get a lot of practice in extensive – and often superficial – listening. This E-lesson encourages them to listen carefully and attentively.

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Meet Jim

This clip shows a homeless person going through a physical transformation. It’s a good trigger for talking about the way we make judgements about people based on looks and first impressions. It is also a powerful way in to thinking about perception and change.

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Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child about Food

The talk focuses on obesity and other food related problems. Jamie argues passionately and convincingly that we need to educate our children and ourselves about the long-term consequences of what we eat. (TED Talk, 2010)
Subtitles and transcript is available in English and other languages and there is also a ‘click on phrase in transcript and start viewing from there’ option.
Suggested viewing: the first 5 minutes in class, the rest as homework (if all students have internet access)

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Football Mad

Benjamin Zephaniah performs one of his poems in front of an audience of children.

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Mind in a Jar

The metaphor of a jar full of water and coloured sand is used to show the way different emotions and states of mind affect the way we see things. The power of meditation to calm the mind is illustrated.

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