Brighton PCE 2018

Social Justice and ELT through the Visual Arts – GISIG and Visual Arts Circle Joint PCE

 9 April 2018

Visual images can be arresting and powerful. We have all at some point in our lives been stunned by a photograph or painting that has resonated – the Afghani girl on the cover of National Geographic or Picasso’s Guernica. These images can provoke strong emotions, engage us critically and sometimes inspire radical action so how might we capitalise on this in our professional lives and exploit visuals effectively in our teaching and training?

Come to the GISIG PCE at Brighton, run jointly with the Visual Arts Circle, to discover new and innovative ways of exploring themes of social justice through the visual medium. Do you want to know more about how to incorporate images into classroom materials to get students reflecting on social issues? Ben Goldstein, a well-known course book writer invites you to join him in a practical session on using photographs and film in class. Gergo Fekete will show us how to raise awareness of social justice issues for women from his MA thesis related to excerpts from the film ‘Girl Rising’. Andréia Zakime, a teacher based in Brazil, uses visuals with under-privileged children. She outlines the successes she’s had and the challenges she’s faced in her work and suggests ways of engaging more marginalised groups in the classroom. Magdalena Brzezinska outlines her practical approach to ways in which art can be used to promote peace in the classroom. And for those of us who think we aren’t artists Jade Blue will guide us through a session on how we can learn to draw on the board, using themes of social justice as her starting point.

These sessions will be framed in a short GISIG / VAC sandwich, by Jules and Linda (GISIG coordinators) and Kieran and Anna (leaders of VAC) and we will also hoping to be involved in actively creating a collaborative artwork during the day, which will be displayed at IATEFL after the PCE to enable us to share a visual image of social justice with everyone else at the conference.


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  1. Bill Templer September 7, 2017 at 8:32 am #

    Interesting are Doug Kellner’s comments on our ‘image environment’, critical analysis of ‘media culture’:

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