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Zooming in and Zooming out by Nick Bilbrough

Global Issues SIG Newsletter Dec 2016 ISSUE 35

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A Greek EFL teacher’s view on the refugee issue

Global Issues SIG Newsletter June 2016 ISSUE 34 by Niovi Hatzinikolaou, Greece Since migration in Greece reached a peak more and more people have become sensitized over the issue. At first, by sending clothes and food supplies and later on by actively undertaking different tasks in the large refugee camp in Eidomeni and other reception camps […]

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Teaching English to refugees and migrants – Greece

by Vafeidou Avgi, Aristotelio College, Greece A road that is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery (C.P. Cavafy, Ithaca) One of the biggest problems for the thousands of refugees and migrants that came to Eidomeni and Diavata– Greece in 2016 is language. All of them are from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan […]

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Gaza in the Critical EFL Classroom: Opening Eyes, Hearts and Minds

References Abu Salama, Tamam. (2015). Gaza family to daughter studying abroad, ‘We do miss you Baba, but don’t come’. Mondoweiss, 19 January. Alareer, Refaat, ed. (2014). Gaza writes back: Short stories from young writers in Gaza, Palestine. Charlottesville, VA: Just World Books. Publisher’s link: Alashqar, Khaled. (2014). Burning the future of Gaza’s children. […]

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Work and Stress Lesson Plan

Dana Radler, Member of the GISIG Committee, who did the below given exercise herself in her classes writes as a short introductory note about it: This material aims at exploring the world of young professionals working to improve and develop their English; and the objective is to reflect on the time and energy people generally […]

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MacDonald Duck Re-Visited: Implications for Culture, Society and Education

This article written by the founding father of our SIG puts ELT today into wider social, economic, political perspectives.  It reminds me that my main aim as an educator is to encourage a critical, non-conformist stance in my students.  Encourage them to shake off social conditioning, see the world around them with fresh eyes, question […]

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Lesson Plan for two texts on discrimination

The following two exercises are samples from the teaching work of Dr. Esther Lucas (1918-2011), one of the founding members of IATEFL GISIG. Esther was also a member of the Global Issues SIG Committee and Newsletter Editor for the Newsletters No. 14 – 19. The exercise comes from issue No. 16. It is a prime […]

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Making Global Issues Local

The following article describes a lovely way to make grand sounding concepts easy and understandable for everybody. It takes three examples from widely distributed text books for teaching English and breaks them down to the exercise level. This is done in such a way that even the most unwilling learner is made aware of the […]

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ELT in A Globalized World

The author demonstrates how to localise global themes in the English coursebook with two detailed examples, so that teachers can engage students more in the learning process, to generate more live language for their immediate use, and to raise their awareness and responsibility as global citizens in the future. Xiaobing Wang ELT in A Globalized […]

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Teaching against prejudice

The following Bibliography and attached exercises represent one of GISIG’s core aspects of teaching: making learners aware of how easy it is to stereotype and cast out others from one’s own society. In the Bibliography section it also gives help to teachers and course organisers on the topics based on the backlash of hatred after […]

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