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Welcome to GISIG

What are Global Issues?

Challenges, trends, changes, pressing concerns facing humanity. Some of us are privileged enough to live in places where we don’t experience their immediate adverse effect.  The default mode of our day-to-day existence pushes them to the periphery of our consciousness. We’re too busy to notice, don’t have time to think … and change.

Here are some examples:  Population growth. Social inequality. Food  shortages. Global warming. Environmental degradation. Lack of safe drinking water. The status of teachers around the world. Sustainable development. Rampant consumerism. The internet revolution. Disappearing species. Human rights. Climate change.

Why global issues in the ELT classroom?

Because we are all world citizens – students and teachers alike. Everything we do affects the rest of the world, and what happens in the rest of the world affects us. Every one of us can make a difference – and we as teachers can reinforce this message by what and how we teach.

This is the special interest group for you, if you also believe that today more than ever it is vital that we Care global, teach local.