Climate Change Emergency resources

Here are some suggested lessons and resources on issues related to Climate Change:
● Show the video ‘Time To Waste’, which shows some of the biggest challenges our planet has seen since the first Earth Day in 1970.
● Investigate climate change with digital resources like quizzes and games. NASA’s Climate Kids is a good place to get started.
● Climate Change Social Media Challenge -Why not get your learners to search for climate messages on social media and join the climate conversation. This will make them feel their actions and efforts are connected to a larger activist community. The Twitter hashtags #ActOnClimate #climateemergency and #climateaction are good ones to start with.
● The population has more power than it realizes to demand measures from governments to raise global awareness of the global warming problem. Think globally, act locally. Your actions are needed in the fight against climate change.
● Here’s a short but powerful video with a message from #MotherNature. Listen to her.
● An amazing series with short (1-2 mins) video clips with actors and actresses who lent their voices to nature, because nature can’t speak for itself. Which one is your favourite? How would you use them in class?…/…/default.aspx
● Ask your students to imagine this: Humans have left the Earth. What happens next?
‘How to avoid climate breakdown’ A lesson from New Internationalist about climate emergency, including a quiz / infographic and skills practice:
● Here is a short video that shows how we can we inspire our learners to protect the Earth without making them anxious.
● Nigeria flares more natural gas than any other country in the world. Flaring in Nigeria has released more harmful emissions than the rest of Sub Saharan Africa together. This podcast tells how women from the Ogoni villages in Nigeria decided to make a change.

●Plastic tears – this short film is a good starting point for a classroom discussion on plastics.…

● Climate Change Mixer – This roleplay introduces 19 individuals around the world, each of whom is affected differently by climate change. For some, climate change threatens to force them to leave their land. For others, it is a business opportunity. In this activity, students meet one another in character and learn about the impact of climate change in their lives—and how each is responding.…/climate-change-mixer/
● Why not hold a Global Climate Summit in your classroom today?…/dont-take-our-voices-away/
● Carbon footprint calculators – A good start to any climate emergency initiative is to get kids to calculate their own carbon footprint and discuss what they can do to reduce it.

● How to cut carbon emissions – a lesson from the Easier English New Internationalist wiki on what 6 countries around the world are doing to cut carbon:
● Bring the Fridays for Future movement into your classroom with this resource pack from our member Chris Hunt.
● Another New Internationalist ready lesson about climate change:

● The New Climate is a new series from Sky News that looks at UK government policy on climate. Suitable for teachers of EAP, B2-level learners, adults, trainee teachers. Here’s the first episode:

● The Sky Ocean Rescue website offers a number of engaging activities, fact sheets ideas and resources about the issue of plastics in our oceans.

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