Issues Month: Neighbours & Borders

In the world of ever faster connection, digitally and otherwise, I find the well-known “love thy neighbour” belief to be put under a test. Although the general impression is that we can travel/move anywhere we want to, the freedom of movement is proving to be less than so, with rigid border/customs controls on the rise and re-introduction of checkpoints within the EU…The question at hand is this – are we simply being good neighbours as long as we get something out of it?

Whether we like it or not, our documents automatically determine which corridor we need to line up in. I’ve been denied entries, interrogated, scanned, searched…simply because I owned a passport from a high risk country. Having strict controls potentially prevents disasters, but where does that leave the rest of us, the “non-threatening” travellers?
This is one of the reasons why the GISIG is dedicating the upcoming issues month to the topic of neighbours and borders. Tell us about your experience, share your thoughts and ideas, send us lesson plans but most of all we would like to see you open a discussion both on our website and in your classroom.”

Dragana Stegić, GISIG Issues Month Coordinator

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‘Issues Month’ is for teachers of English who are keen to bring real world issues into their classrooms and integrate learning the language with engaging, real content that MATTERS. In October 2017 we are focusing on Neighbours & Borders.

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