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Growing up in Gaza

Sarah Al-Jamal is an 11-year-old girl born and growing up in the Gaza Strip under Israeli control and ‘siege’. She talks about her daily life, her fears, her family, her problems living in one of the world’s ‘hot spots’.

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Gaza in the Critical EFL Classroom: Opening Eyes, Hearts and Minds

References Abu Salama, Tamam. (2015). Gaza family to daughter studying abroad, ‘We do miss you Baba, but don’t come’. Mondoweiss, 19 January. http://goo.gl/wsVUV4 Alareer, Refaat, ed. (2014). Gaza writes back: Short stories from young writers in Gaza, Palestine. Charlottesville, VA: Just World Books. Publisher’s link: http://goo.gl/5dZoR0 Alashqar, Khaled. (2014). Burning the future of Gaza’s children. […]

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Bill Templer

Homes of the ‘Others’ : Lessons in Class and Ethnic Barriers and Difference

An interesting question to explore with students is what other ‘homes’ outside their family they have ever been inside, how often and why.  Of their friends, for example, and who their friends are. Many students everywhere have never been inside the home of the local ‘Others’.  In Israel, most Jewish citizens have never been in […]

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