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Global Issues GISIG’s newsletter aims to provide a sense of a community of practice and a place for publication of work which is less formal than peer reviewed journals. It also provides a means of genuine inter-cultural sharing, comparative study, collaboration, and research. We are keen to keep the balance of theoretical and practical material in this newsletter, and would invite you to send ideas, articles and announcements to our editors at [email protected]
Our newsletter is available only in electronic form, roughly twice a year and all members are sent a link to the website to look at the newsletter. Please feel free to share material from the newsletter with your colleagues and encourage them to join IATEFL and the Global Issues SIG.

A sample newsletter

Here is a sample newsletter which you can browse off-line or print if you find an article interesting and want to use the ideas. It is also something that you can share with your colleagues.

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Writing for the Newsletter

Are you interested in making your voice heard? Or sharing your teaching experience with your colleagues around the world?

We warmly invite you to submit an article for Global Issues. The article can be sharing of your classroom or teaching experience, an aspect of your thinking on a topic related to Global Issues or a topic you think that teachers should focus on in their teaching. To help you we recommend that you follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Generally larger articles should be between 500 and 1500 words if you want to write a longer article please contact the editors before submitting it. A shorter article should be between 200 and 500 words.
  2. Please provide a separate biographical profile of no more than 30 words and if you have a portrait photograph which we can print next to your article that would be great
  3. We like material on one of the following topics
  • peace, justice and equality
  • human rights and social responsibility
  • conflict resolution and diversity
  • globalization and world development
  • social identity
  • sustainable development
  • the role of the English language and English Language Teaching in the world.
  1. We ask for submissions in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (.doc or .rtf) – if you use another wordprocessor please contact the editors prior to sending the article to see if we can convert the file into a usable format.
  2. Your style should be approriate for the piece you are writing – it can range from an academic article with notes and references and guidance on that style can be found here to reports on successful lessons and ideas including students own descriptions and work.

Remember your audience

Please remember that Global Issues is sent to all our members who range all over the world and have many different interests as English Language Teaching professionals. Think of your audience as knowing little about the topic you are writing about but being willing and able to find out more about the topic. Overly academic or too casual a style will make your colleagues and associates be unable to hear your message.

Sending in your articles

Please send your article to our editors at [email protected]
If you are thinking of writing an article and want advice please contact them at the above email address.

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