Useful Organisations

The following is a list of organisations that we think our members and supporters might find interesting.

BALEAP’s EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group

We intend for the blogs on this site to demonstrate what is possible, to stimulate dialogue and to inspire further social justice praxis in EAP circles.

ELT Sustainable

ELTsustainable helps language teachers bring the international dialogue on overcoming the environmental crises we face into the language classroom in a way that motivates students and helps them achieve their language learning goals.

ELT Footprint

This website is a companion to the Facebook group ELT Footprint. The ELT Footprint Facebook group was launched on May 24 2019 to coincide with a Global Climate Emergency Strike called by Fridays for Future and supported by a number of different groups all around the world.  

Renewable English

Renewable English was created to help educators and learners in their quest to be more sustainable. In the first series of lessons we look closely at traditional unit themes and look more deeply into our behaviour and see how we can easily make positive changes towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

GISIG’s official partner

Action Guinea Bissau

Having visited Guinea Bissau a few times and worked with groups of teachers around the country, we are now in a position to understand what people need most. We are working with trusted people in Bissau to help local communities.

TEFL Workers’ Union

No matter your job, if you work in a language school and you have problem – big or small – the IWW is here to help. We offer legal advice and training but, most importantly, we are here to help language workers support one another. Together we can change the UK’s language schools: decent contracts, better pay, an independent voice on the job.

Green Action ELT

A small group of volunteers who help UK English language teaching centres take action to address the climate and ecological crises from the classroom to the board room. Green Action ELT works to raise awareness; inspire and facilitate change; and connect people to create a green movement in UK ELT and beyond.

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