WEBINAR: Building Teacher Communities – Going Global with WhatsApp

27 April 2019 at 4pm UTC

Are you interested in finding out how you can use online platforms to support teacher development? In this webinar Elie Megan will talk about how teachers in Africa are using WhatsApp to build teaching communities where they can meet to share ideas, projects and materials and integrate global issues into their teaching.

In his presentation, Elie will talk about how he set up the WhatsApp group English Workshop in Benin and look at how the group has helped to revitalise teachers associations and motivate teachers in areas where it is difficult for them to attend face-to-face workshops. Following this, Eli will be joined by other teachers in the region who will share lesson plans, tips, challenges and insights from their own WhatsApp projects.

Whether you have regular opportunities to meet other professionals face-to-face or fulfil your own developmental needs in isolation, this webinar will show you how the online world is connecting teachers like never before!

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