Food Issues month comes to a close

It was a cornucopia of ideas for Food Issues Month!

It was a cornucopia of ideas for Food Issues Month!

A very big thank you to everyone who participated!

Food issues month has now come to a close. This was the first online, asynchronous event of its kind put on by the Global Issues Special Interest Group and we are all very pleased with the result!

The event spanned over several online platforms, from this blog and our discussion list to Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Youtube.

A quick informal check on the blog and Facebook page show that there were participants from Brazil, China, Turkey, UK, Greece, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, USA and India. This was only counting the people who shared things. Our Facebook Event reached over 2500 people.

The event showcased an example of content curation, one of the new buzzwords in education technology. We all collected, organized and displayed the information we had found. Our pinterest page is a good example of this. All the collected resources will remain online for teachers to access.

In terms of food issues, we covered lots! From health food and junk food to eating disorders. From food scares to food scarcity. From world hunger to overpackaging. And more! There are certainly no shortage of ideas on teaching food “with a conscience”. We urge teachers to check out and use these resources next time you have food in your syllabus!

Finally, we have set up a small survey to get people’s opinion of the event. Please take three minutes to fill it in.

Last but not least! If you enjoyed food issues month and/or are an educator interested in global issues, why not join our special interest group? You automatically get to join a SIG by becoming a member of IATEFL. We are actively looking for new members to our SIG and especially interested in trying new and innovative events online and face-to-face. Get in touch via our discussion group to find out more.

Thanks again everyone!
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