Food Issues Month Week 3 – A food issues video playlist

Food Issues Month, hosted by the Global Issues SIG of IATEFL, is finishing its third week! There have been dozens of resources, images, articles and lesson plans shared already. Among these have been quite a few videos, so we thought it might be nice to create a playlist where people can access them.

Click below to see the playlist of videos that teachers have shared from Youtube. You can find here activist ads like the one for 1 billion hungry (starring Jeremy Irons), music videos on topics such as anorexia, beautiful and provocative ads on aspects of food, infograph-type videos with facts about world hunger, a team-taught lesson on Food waste and even a couple of full-length documentaries that deal with Food Issues (Food Inc and the famous Super Size Me).

If you are new to Food Issues month and want to see more detailed ideas, activities and basically just … more then please check out our Pinterest page.

Meanwhile, check out some of these videos. Maybe they will inspire you or your learners in a lesson?

One Response to Food Issues Month Week 3 – A food issues video playlist

  1. Bill Templer (Shumen, Bulgaria) October 29, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    To end food month, a video in Special English from VOA

    Eight out of ten countries facing the worst food shortages are in Africa. Students can watch and summarize the main points. Climate change is a main issue, the changes in rain patterns that are impacting agriculture are significant.

    This is Learning English — Agriculture. There are numerous short simpler English videos there on aspects of farming, all with subtitles for visual reinforcement of text.