Global Issues related websites and blogs run by GISIG members

Linda Ruas’ Easier English New Internationalist wiki: – an ever-growing collection of hundreds of simplified articles about global justice plus over 60 ready-to-use lessons and teaching tips

Kieran Donaghy’s Film English: – ready-to-use lessons based on short films – many of the more recent ones are related to global issues and developing empathy in the learners

Julie Pratten’s Heart ELT Publishing Heart ELT is a new publisher that produces ELT/ESOL books and materials to raise funds for projects for children who do not have access to education. It also delivers teacher training and offers assistance to volunteers teachers who are working with refugees.

Judy Boyle’s The No Project: Education for Social Justice – award-winning global educational campaign that specifically targets youth awareness of human trafficking through music, art, dance, film etc.

Margarita Kosior’s ELT for a better world – discussions and practical teaching materials on various global issues eg. modern-day slavery, Holocaust Memorial Day and disabilities.

Nick Bilbrough’s ‘Hands Up Project’ (in the process of becoming a registered charity) – drama and story-telling online with children in Gaza

Eliza Winnert’s ‘We are Here Centre’ – Eliza Winnert, one of the founders, presented briefly about the centre at our GISIG Open Forum at the IATEFL Glasgow conference, April 2017.

Integrating global issues in the creative English language classroom edited by Alan Maley and Nik Peachey
Free download from the British Council’s website.

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  1. Arnold Mühren March 2, 2017 at 7:38 am #

    Chrysa Papalazarou’s Art Least – Social and global issues in the ELT classroom. Lesson proposals dealing with topics such as deforestation, war/peace, urbanisation, bullying, human rights; using art forms and applying thinking routines.

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