Birmingham PCE 2016: Daring Creativity – Changing Education

Global Issues SIG & The Creativity Group joint event IATEFL
PCE at Birmingham – 12 April 2016

Speakers and facilitators include: Susan Barduhn, Peter Medgyes, Chaz Pugliese, Malu
Sciamarelli, Margit Szesztay, and Adrian Underhill.


The PCE explored the way creativity can act as a catalyst for fundamental change in education. In particular, we focused on the way creativity in English Language Teaching can help to bring about change in society through English Language Teaching. This involves moving away from a limited view of ‘creativity as fun and games’ to ‘creativity as empowerment, spontaneity, and social action’. A central issue we addressed was how we as teachers are agents of change, and how we can instill a sense of responsibility and build a shared vision of a more just, humane and sustainable future. As educational critic John Holt writes, true leaders do not make people into followers, but into leaders. This one-day event will give us the opportunity to reflect on what such leadership looks like in the ELT classroom.

The day was a mix of TED type talks and Open Space participant-driven activities. With the short talks our aim was to spark ideas and focus attention on different aspects of creativity and change. Open Space then made it possible for all of us to participate in in-depth, spontaneous discussions and arrive at some new insights.

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