Teaching Resources on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Below you can find resources from all around the internet that might help you bring this important global issue to your lessons. We at GISIG believe that our goal as human beings on this planet should be above all to live peacefully next to one-another and to settle our disputes via negotiations instead of violence. Hopefully you can identify with this message and share it with your students as well.

Should we be talking about war with our students?

Katherine Bilsborough tries to answer this question in her recent blog post. If you have doubts about bringing this topic into your lessons this is quite a useful read.

Emergency Bulletin compiled by Kip Cates

Kip Cates, the Global Issues Newsletter Editor of JALT compiled a beautiful list of resources you can use in your class. Feel free to download, use and share them with your colleagues.

LinguaHouse worksheet

LinguaHouse made available a worksheet which focuses on vocabulary development, reading/listening comprehension and speaking. You can access it using this link (requires a free registration).

GISIG War & Peace Issues month

If you are looking for some general material you can download our summary of our 2015 Issues Month by using this link. A huge thanks to our former committee member Sylvia Ozbalt for collecting all these wonderful materials.

The Pity of War project

This book contains a collection of poems from teachers around the world along with 20 tips and suggestions for how to use these poems to generate discussion, dialogue and learning in the English language classroom. These poems are a reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You can also watch the recording of the event here.

Teachers for Ukraine Facebook Group

Teachers for Ukraine has been set up to provide 1-1 ESL tuition for Ukrainian refugees in English-speaking countries. This is a small voluntary group of people who recruit teachers, advertise the service, and match teachers to learners. They also make sure the teachers have some experience in the area and maintain the confidentiality of the refugees.

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