Getting started as a new GISIG member

Now that you are a member of GISIG you can get involved in our activities in a lot of ways.

1. Stay in touch

Make sure to check on SIG news regularly on one or more of our online news-streams:

2. Spread the word

One of the easiest ways of helping the SIG and your fellow teacher colleagues is sharing our activities with others by liking and commenting on Facebook or simply sharing our content with people you know would benefit from it.

3. Grab the goodies

As a member you will get an electronic version of our newsletter as well as early or discounted access to other occasional publications and materials.

4. Contribute

You can contribute by trying our eLessons and sharing your experiences in the comments, writing blog posts or making videos that we can publish on our website. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome in the Yahoo! discussion group. Heck, you can even create eLessons yourself!

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