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Margarita Kosior: Difficult Topics Made Easier with Film

Gergő Fekete: Fostering a Global Mindset in ELT: the “Girl Rising” documentary

Dimitris Tzouris: Challenging our Perspectives: teaching social issues visually and with Google Arts and Culture

Jade Blue: Drawing in the ELT Classroom to Explore Social Justice

Kieran Donaghy and Anna Whitcher: Social Justice and the Visual Arts in English Language Teaching

Social Justice and ELT through the Visual Arts – GISIG and Visual Arts Circle Joint PCE

 9 April 2018

Social Justice and ELT through the Visual Arts – GISIG and Visual Arts Circle Joint PCE P

Visual images can be arresting and powerful. We have all at some point in our lives been stunned by a photograph or painting that has resonated with us – the Afghani girl on the cover of National Geographic or Picasso’s Guernica. These images can provoke strong emotions, engage us critically and sometimes inspire radical action so how might we capitalise on this in our professional lives and exploit visuals effectively in our teaching and training?

Come to the GISIG PCE at Brighton, run jointly with the Visual Arts Circle this year, to discover new and innovative ways of exploring themes of social justice through the visual medium. Do you want to know more about how to incorporate still and moving images into classroom materials to get students reflecting on social issues? Or capitalise on your own artistic skills to provoke discussion and debate in your classrooms? Our diverse and talented group of speakers will be presenting their ideas on how we can do this.  Margarita Kosior, writer, teacher and storyteller will outline how film as a medium can introduce difficult topics into the classroom domain and encourage students to discuss them with confidence and ease.

Gergo Fekete, dynamic teacher and GISIG Social Media Coordinator, will show us how to raise awareness of social justice issues for women from his MA thesis related to excerpts from the film ‘Girl Rising’.

Emma-Louise Pratt is a practising artist and educator who will work at various times throughout the day with PCE participants to produce a collaborative artwork which will be displayed in public for the duration of the conference.

Dimitris Tzouris brings his technical expertise to our PCE and explains how we can use Google Arts and Culture as a tool to explore and understand the world through art and stories.

And for those of us who think we don’t possess any artistic skills Jade Blue, a teacher and teacher-trainer with a special interest in using imagery in ELT, will guide us through a session on teacher-drawing and learner-drawing tasks that seek to examine how these practical activities can be applied in our classrooms to explore global issues themes such as human rights.

Finally, rounding off the day’s events Kieran Donaghy and Anna Whitcher, founders of the Visual Arts Circle, will explore how different resources created by VAC members can be used to promote social justice through the visual arts in the English language classroom.

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  1. Bill Templer September 7, 2017 at 8:32 am #

    Interesting are Doug Kellner’s comments on our ‘image environment’, critical analysis of ‘media culture’:

  2. Bill Templer April 5, 2018 at 11:52 am #

    The Brighton PCE by GISIG / VISUAL ARTS CIRCLE will probably also touch on graphic novels. Here one in comic-book form actually written and drawn by some very young kids at Pono School in Harlem.

    The Earthsavers is an eight-chapter comic book, written and illustrated by students ages 7 to 10. The book is about six superheroes, each based on actual children, who must work together to save the Earth from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused by drilling companies. The Earthsavers is an inspiring, funny, and creative story that motivates people to work with their communities. The project has an emphasis on celebrating individuality while also highlighting the power of working as a group. This book encourages people to see children as creative and innovative artists, whose voices are important. Most of all, this book encourages readers to reach out to those around them in their most difficult and lonely times. See

    Saturday, April 21, 12-1:30pm
    Children’s program
    The Earthsavers
    A reading, performance and discussion featuring the children from Pono School in Harlem who wrote and illustrated this new graphic novel about six superhero kids who work together to save the earth from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused by drilling companies.

    Author/illustrators: Sulaf Hatab, Towa Moriyama Mikami, Claudio Narciso, Matteo Narciso, Aure Ruiz Halpert and Jasper Stoneberg.

    Ages 5 and up, all ages welcome. Held at Revolution Books on Malcolm X Blvd. in NYC

  3. Bill Templer April 14, 2018 at 12:25 pm #

    Here interviews from the IATEFL conference, some of our people (Anastasia, Margit, Ms. Kosior) and others interviewed in Brighton. Hard to find this on the conference site:


  1. Thoughts on the Visual Arts and Global Issues in ELT | Jade Blue ELT - November 4, 2017

    […] year’s IATEFL Conference, The Global Issues SIG and The Visual Arts Circle are delivering a joint pre-conference event on Social Justice and ELT through the Visual Arts, and I’m honoured to have been invited to speak. I’ll be delivering a workshop session […]

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