War & Peace Issues Month 2015

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We live in turbulent times. Conflict, fear, anger, loss…
They are also times of compassion, action, hope and great strength.

For the third year, we are holding a month-long online event. We invite teachers, teacher trainers and writers to contribute their ideas on applying themes connected to “War & Peace” to an English teaching context.

  • How do we as language instructors engage our students with what is happening outside our classrooms?
  • Can we integrate this current and powerful social, political, environmental content with language instruction? How?
  • What topics are appropriate? How do we approach them?

How do YOU inspire your students, in your country, in your living and working context, to learn English – AND also to care for the world and its people?

Some topic ideas:

  • Migration / Displacement / Refuge
  • Race / Discrimination / Belonging
  • Global citizenship / Global community / Stories / Connections
  • Wealth /Power imbalance
  • Religious / Economic / Political ideologies
  • Volunteerism / NGOs /Activism / Diplomacy
  • Militarization / Arms industry
  • Passivism / Non-violence

We hope that teachers and classes around the world will share their ideas, for teaching English with a conscience, through the lens of “War & Peace”.

This event will be run via our website, a special dedicated Facebook page, Pinterest and other platforms. Please check back with us regularly for more news and updates.

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