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GISIG WEBINAR on 19th February, 2017

Webinar Resources Music and Mime, Rhythm and Rhyme by Charles Goodger (more…)

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Gender Issues Month – Week 4 summary by Leonor Marin

To close with a flourish, week four of our Issues Month was absolutely varied, interesting  striking. Leo shared a poem: Equality – He for She by Shannon PerryCrawley Some lines which stay in our minds: You should have the right to express your emotions and be what you please, You should not be pulled back […]

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Gender Issues Month – Week 3 summary by Gergő Fekete

Week 3 of our Gender Issues Month proved to be just as productive and fruitful as Weeks 1 and 2. On our GISIG website, Julietta shared a ready lesson on Shakespeare’s The taming of the shrew, which inspired a nice collection of gender-themed poems and films. In response to Julietta’s lesson plan, Bill shared his own experience with teaching […]

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Gender Issues Month – Week 2 summary by Julietta Schoenmann

We kicked off Week 2 with a highly engaging post from Bill on the Good Lad Initiative. For those unfamiliar with this, it highlights ‘positive masculinity’ and the way in which men and boys talk about women. This is in direct relation to the recent debates around Donald Trump’s verbal treatment of women and his […]

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Gender Issues Month – Week 1 summary by Linda Ruas

We’ve had a lot of great contributions in our first week, both on our GISIG website and on the linked Facebook page, and are very lucky that MAWSIG are supporting our Issues Month this year! As language teachers, we are probably all interested in the way language changes to accommodate social changes and to start talking […]

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GISIG WEBINAR on 12th November, 2016

James Mitchell Privilege, Power, and Intersectionality: Awareness of Ourselves in Our Teaching Practices Abstract Intersectionality, the study of how social identities (e.g., race, gender, class, sexuality) overlap, has only recently emerged as a topic of discussion in TESOL, and can aid teachers in their understanding of oppression, privilege, and power. This presentation will explore the […]

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Gender Issues Month: How You Can Participate – SHARE HERE!

How you can participate October 2016 is Gender Issues Month! Yet again, we are holding a month-long online event. This is an asynchronous event, developed with the aim of sharing ideas about teaching English with a conscience, this year through the lens of “Gender”. We would like to provide a platform where we can come together as […]

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Glasgow PCE – 3 April 2017: English in an unstable world’

We’re all aware of global conflicts and the impact that these can have directly on students’ education. We read daily about the lives of people that have been turned upside down by instability in their communities. How are teachers and trainers managing in these challenging circumstances? Furthermore, what can we do in our classrooms to raise our […]

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GISIG competition

GISIG is organising a competition to write an article of 500 – 1000 words on the topic ‘Global Issues in the ELT classroom’. Prizes will be: free attendance at our GISIG PCE in Glasgow for one GISIG member, and free membership for a year of GISIG for one IATEFL member who is not a GISIG […]

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Birmingham PCE 2016: Daring Creativity – Changing Education

Global Issues SIG & The Creativity Group joint event IATEFL PCE at Birmingham – 12 April 2016 Speakers and facilitators include: Susan Barduhn, Peter Medgyes, Chaz Pugliese, Malu Sciamarelli, Margit Szesztay, and Adrian Underhill. The PCE explored the way creativity can act as a catalyst for fundamental change in education. In particular, we focused on […]

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