Home & Shelter Issues Month 2014


Where do you come from?
Why did you come here?
Can you describe your house?
What is your family like?

Some of the questions many of us use as staples in our English classes. And for many of our students the answers are safe and straightforward. Home & Shelter: a basic human need and right. But…

  • What about going beyond these relatively comfortable questions to explore the more difficult challenges that people around the world face in terms of home and shelter?
  • What about using topics that are of concern to many of us around the globe?
  • What about using these real and important topics in order to spark students’ interests and passions and to bring in their personal experiences and points of view?
  • Might it then be more motivating for students to learn to communicate in a common language with the common goal of coming together to understand each other and talk about solving these issues?

For the second year in a row, we will be holding a month-long online event. We will be inviting teachers, teacher trainers and writers in our field to contribute their ideas on how we can apply topics of “Home & Shelter” with a conscience. The kinds of issues we would like to highlight:

  • Immigration / Migration / Displacement / Refuge
  • Homelessness / The streets
  • Poverty / Wealth distribution
  • Identity / Belonging
  • Family / Youth / Elderly / Generations
  • Domestic violence / Abuse
  • Global citizenship / Global community / Stories / Connections
  • Eco-housing / Sustainable homes & practices
  • Materialism / Consumerism

We hope that teachers and classes around the world will share their ideas, lesson plans, resources and creativity for teaching English with a conscience, through the lens of “Home & Shelter”.

This event will be run via our website and our Facebook page. Please check back with us regularly for more news and updates.

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