Beyond story – the pedagogical and social potential of stories (Rick Sampedro)

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67444_103293883072496_3473477_nThrough a series of hands-on activities based on Helbling Young Readers series, we explored some of the underlying values and how to expand their scope turning them into something meaningful for primary school children. Games and role plays will also help teachers realise the full potential of readers when working with values.

Good readers and stories in general open windows to fascinating worlds of adventure, discovery, magic and of course, lots of fun. But we can enhance their scope further by addressing many of the values and issues which permeate children’s daily lives.

​Using Helbling Young Readers series as a starting point, universal values such as love, friendship, solidarity, tolerance and peace will be addressed and promoted. Tips will be given to help less experienced teachers make the necessary links between story-specific characters and situations and the world children live in. While more experienced teachers will also benefit from new approaches to and new ideas about the work we can all do in the classroom in relation to values, everyone participating in this workshop will go to the coffee break feeling that in readers and stories there really is more to the picture than meets the eye.

​The idea that teachers and students alike can be factors of change for a better world, and that teachers are blessed with a fantastic opportunity to do so every time they walk into their classrooms, will also permeate this dynamic and engaging workshop. The notion that what we do today in our classrooms will have a lasting effect on our students is also one of the underlying features of the session.

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