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Global Issues Open Forum

Description and photo gallery of this session will be available shortly.

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Dr Barbara James

Eco-conscious ESL: reducing our carbon footprint with alternative methodologies (Barbara James)

Paper or no paper? Photocopier, duplicator or one dog eared text book? Blackboard or interactive whiteboard? Having worked in developed and developing countries, I have looked into methodologies and materials that reduce our carbon footprint. ‘Small is beautiful’ Environmental consciousness is not a new issue. It has been a part of teacher staffroom discussion for […]

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Thorsten Merse

Global education meets visual literacy: reading global images critically (Thorsten Merse)

In an increasingly hypervisualized world where images circulate around the globe with ease, learners must be able to critically decode the globally relevant meanings that lie beneath the visual surface of images. In my talk, I  demonstrated how this new challenge for Global Education can be met when teachers apply a visual literacy framework infused […]

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Beyond story – the pedagogical and social potential of stories (Rick Sampedro)

Through a series of hands-on activities based on Helbling Young Readers series, we explored some of the underlying values and how to expand their scope turning them into something meaningful for primary school children. Games and role plays will also help teachers realise the full potential of readers when working with values. Good readers and stories in general open […]

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Margit Szesztay (Hungary) - GISIG Coordinator

Widening horizons with YouTube – ways of going deeper (Margit Szesztay)

The session  focused on ways of exploiting youtube videos in the classroom. The aim was to show how clips which raise real world issues can be used to inspire, motivate, encourage reflection  and to trigger meaningful interaction. We tried out pre- and post- viewing activities which involve active exploration and critical thinking. Take a look […]

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Ken Wilson

Can global issues provide authenticity and context in English teaching? (Ken Wilson)

The use of English by non-native speakers to highlight global issues is increasing, often involving the clever use of social media. Should English teachers focus more on this wider use of English and pay less attention to native speaker socio-cultural aspects of the language? This talk looked at the arguments for and against and provided […]

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Addressing the issues together (Margit Szesztay and Xiaobing Wang)

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StarPower – a critical simulation (Lindsay Clandfield)

Starpower – a trading simulation game Since its creation in 1969, StarPower has been one of the most popular trading simulation games in education. By conservative estimates, three million people have played it. It provokes participants to rethink their assumptions about the use and abuse of power and creates a memorable impression. In this session […]

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Third World Farmer and other critical video games (Kyle Mawer)

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From Role Play to Real Action (Dr Luke Prodromou)

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